Our experience working with Fujitsu Telecommunications gives us a proven track record. Carrying out contracts in several disciplines under Fujitsu has enabled us to grow.

As the value of services provided over the telecom infrastructure continues to increase, and customers demand ever-higher levels of customer service, the security of telecom central offices and remote buildings is critical. To address this issue, Fujitsu has used its expertise in management systems to provide a range of security systems tailored for the telecom market.

Building Access & Security System

Remote management of security and access to operational buildings. The building access and security system provides for the remote management and control of security and access/egress for operational buildings. A unique system that will for the first time using a single electronic ID card to allow access to authorized users to selected operational buildings in the customers estate. This can be coupled with remote monitoring.

Power & Building Management System

To ensure high customer quality of service it is vital that all support systems required to run a telecom network are performing correctly. Whilst in the past systems such as electrical power, air conditioning units, and equipment alarms required large numbers of trained personnel to monitor and maintain, Fujitsu can now provide a state of the art management system to take over these functions. The Fujitsu approach is unique because it begins where the capability of a conventional Switch Network System ends.

Power PlantMonitoring and Management

Each switch installation will as a matter of course be served by remote management which gives central control teams total visibility of switch operation. But what of the peripheral systems that surround each switch such as AC and DC power systems, environmental control systems, and hazard alarms? Although these "life support systems" are vital to the reliable operation of the switch, conventional technology has thus far provided them with only the most basic alarm systems. Fujitsu specialists in elevating the remote management of all these peripheral functions to equal that of the switch itself. As a result of this complete visibility, overall system resilience is further improved and operating costs reduced. This is achieved through the implementation of a Fujitsu event handling system. The key advantage is the way in which Fujitsu replaces mere passive fault alarms with an active flow of data showing the exact nature of any malfunction. This allows control teams to make informed decisions about the necessary response.

Power PlantMaintenance

A further and unique feature of Fujitsu's remote switch site management system is the facility to incorporate comprehensive automated maintenance regimes, individually planned for each installation. With the system carrying out its own routine maintenance and reporting faults, the deployment of costly human resources can be therefore directed to more profitable and cost effective activities. Furthermore, the Fujitsu system can interface with virtually all support equipment in an existing switch installation, giving the benefit of automated maintenance without the need for capital investment.

BuildingEnvironmental Management

A further feature of Fujitsu's comprehensive Power and Building Management Platform is environmental sensing, incorporating electrical heating and air handling system management. This is able to provide discrete programmed temperature control for different areas within the switch site building, so providing the optimum in temperature control and economy. Remote electricity meter reading capability is also available.

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